If you are looking to replace your current Friedrich unit with a new Friedrich model, and you have your current unit's Model Number, we can help you find a suitable replacement. Complete the following 3-Steps and we can help you create a list of the products most suited for your room or home, and let you know your closest retailers.

If you don't currently have a Friedrich model, or can't find your current Model Number, try our full Interactive Tool to find your new Friedrich unit.

Step 1: Select the Type of Air Conditioner you are looking to replace

Window Unit

Wall Unit

Portable Unit

Ductless System

Step 2: Select the Type of Electrical Outlet you have for your Air Conditioner

Please select your Air Conditioner type first.

Step 3: Enter your current unit's Model Number

Model Number:   

Your Model Number should appear on a sticker typically located on the inside of the front cover of your unit.


Want Some Color?

Choose from 6 different front color panels for the Kuhl line of Window AC Units.